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An experienced mattepainter and digital artist with backgrounds in Film, Advertising and Animation. Expertise on digital mattepaintings and all the necessary skills that are needed to achieve a realistic background or scene. That includes, modelling, texturing, rendering, digital painting, 3D projections and basic compositing.

Expert in Photoshop and Maya in creating environments that will be fully rendered and projected in Nuke or any 3D package.


Completely self taught, Eric is driven by his love and passion for art.  He started his professional career as a background artist creating 2D painted backgrounds for the animated TV series "One Piece" and "Pretty Cure" and their respective animated movies.  After a couple of years he was promoted to Lead Texture Artist in Toie's 3D department.  His big break as a mattepainter came when he was hired as a Senior Mattepainter in Roadrunner Inc, creating mattepaitings for both film and commercials.  From there he moved to ILM Singapore where he started working on features films.  He currently works at Digital Domain Vancouver as a mattepainter creating worlds for feature films .


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